Tournament Reports

Here you can find tournament reports from our players, mainly of bigger events, to which some of us travel to:

Super Legacy Side Event, 4Seasons 2023

3rd of June 2023, Christian Noitz (

4Seasons event website: LINK

On Saturday, the 3.6. I played the Super Legacy Side Event at the 4Seasons-Tournament in Bologna, Italy. I brought my trusty Elves! Deck.

Here is the List of the Deck I submitted:

R1 Mono R prison (1:2)

First round I was paired against Mono Red Prison. It’s a matchup, that I know very well from our weekly FNMs hit I hoped that it would end better this time.

G1 I was overwhelmed by hardcast Fury into hardcast Fury and couldn’t come back from that.

I boarded in Abrupt Decay and Assassins Trophy and shaved on some elves.

G2 I was comboing of with Visionary and Symbiot when my opponent wanted to pitch-cast Fury in response to my Symbiot bounce. After explaining to them, that their Fury doesn’t have flash, I played natural order for Craterhoof and won.

G3 my opponent played Chalice on one into trinisphere and I could not find my 3rd land.

So, 0:1 start in the event.

R2 Death Shadow (2:1)

Round 2 I got to face Deaths Shadow. Another Matchup I know from the FNMs that I don’t really like to face, Yeah.

G1 I was just overwhelmed with my opponents’ threats and removals, so it was over pretty fast.

After G1 I brought in Decay, Assassins trophy, 2 carped of flowers. I boarded out Leaf crowned visionary and shaved on the other elves.

G2 on the play I got to keep a pretty good hand with nettle sentinel, allosaurus shepherd, heritage druid and glimpse. So, I could combo fast enough to get a T3 win.

G3 was something else. Both me and my opponent need to mull to five and kept. After some back and forth I beat them down with 1/1s while they flooded pretty much

So, 1:1 and onto the next bad Matchup.

R3 NO Show (2:0)

In round 3 my opponent played a turn 3 Show and Tell and put Omniscience on the battlefield. I put in a visionary (that worked well with my symbiot already in play) and got to draw a card. My opponent played brainstorm into ponder(shuffle) into ponder (shuffle) into ice-fang coatl into ponder into coatl and they could not find a big dude to finish the game. In my turn I combed with my visionary until I found a Natural Order and got to hoof.

Sideboarding was pretty simple here: in 4 thoughtseize, 2 carped of flowers. Out Leaf crowned visionary, endurance, 2 quirion rangers, nettle sentinel, heritage druid.

G2 I thoughtseized my opponent and took a show and tell. Turn 2 I played another and took a Natural order. They only got Omniscience and lands left at this point so i just did the Elvish thing and drew cards with glimpse until i found a NO for the Hoof.

So, 2:1 things are looking good

R4 8-Cast (2:0)

In round 4 I finally hot a Matchup that I can say is pretty favored for me, 8-Cast. It also did help, that I played i played the Matchup for like 2 hours on Thursday to prepare my teammate for the Team Trios Event 😅

G1 my opponent played a Chalice on one, but I had my trusted allosaurus shepherd so that thing didn’t do that much. After some glimpse and hoof action we went to Game2

Sideboarding in: Assassins Trophy, Decay, collector ouphe. Out quirion ranger, nettle sentinel, Heritage druid.

G2 was more or less the same so it was over really quick.

3:1, lets goooo

R5 Show and Tell (0:2)

Round 5 and another combo deck.

This time it was straight up Show and Tell. G1 my opponent mulled to five and went: ancient tomb, lotus petal, show and tell into Emrakul. So, onto game two. I boarded the same as in round three.

G2, I took a show and tell with my thoughtseize and got some board developed but I could not stop the show and tell into Omniscience and Emrakul cast… 😔

So, 3:2 and onto the last round

R6 Omnitell (2:0)

G1 my opponent mulled to five and I started on forest into nettle sentinel. My opponent played an Otawara and pondered. On my turn I played a fetchland and an elf. My opponent played a Boseijou and passed the turn. I was not really sure what they were on at this point so I played an allosaurus shepherd into glimpse and drew cards and tapped/untapped some elves until I could hardcast a hoof.

After G1 I was still sure what my opponent was on, so I boarded some carped of flowers and some endurances in and put shaved on some elves.

G2 was more the same. My opponent mulled once, and I played some lands and cantrips. I got a fast glimpse going and got a fast Natural Order. After the games I asked them what they were on exactly and they showed hand with show and tell, Omniscience and Atraxa but they couldn’t find the third land for the SnT. So, the third time in the six round Tournament I got the see some Show and Tell deck.

So, I ended 4:2 for the 33rd place and won my entry back. The deck felt good, and I played my games pretty well, if you consider that I didn’t have the best Matchups all together.