Status: Season 7
Duration: 10.09.2021 – 01.07.2022
Format: Legacy Constructed
When/Where: Every Friday at 20:00 at Game Store Linz

The basic idea of the A.L.L. is to have a point-based system parallel to our weekly Friday Night Magic tournaments, which allows us to crown the top players in Linz and neighbourhood every year.

Who can participate?

As soon as a player participates in one of our weekly Legacy FNM tournaments, the players gets inducted into our point system. So you only need a official DCI-Number to participate, which is free of charge and can directly be obtained at our local game store.


The yearly season of the A.L.L. lasts from September until July. Around christmas we have a winter break during the season.

Also, since Prerelease events can now be held earlier than they used to be, we have to cancel a FNM every third month approximately, due to the new set’s prerelease event.

Please find all dates for the whole season in our Tournament Calender!

Earning points

The score of each FNM will count towards your total point count for a given season. For each win you earn 3 points, each draw grants one point, and each loss grants no points.

The final standings after all FNMs have been carried out for a given season are determined by counting the best 2/3 of the maximum participable FNMs. So, for example if we have 38 FNMs for a season, you can attend to 25 FNMs without losing any score points. If you attend to more than 25 during that season, only the best 25 FNMs will count toward your final standing. This should help to close the gap between casual and hardcore players a little more.

The most up-to-date standings for the current season can be found here: Standings

Entry fee and price pool

The entry fee for attending a given A.L.L.-FNM is 4€.

From that entry fee 3€ will be used directly at the specific tournament you are participating in to provide prizes like official FNM promos or Game Store Points. The remaining 1€ will be gathered to be used in a prize pool at the end of the current season as well as to cover infrastructure costs (website, streaming, etc…). The top 10 players based on the final standing at the end of the season will be awarded a prize based on that pool.

League-Cup and Season End Tournament

Both the League-Cup and the Season End Tournament are seperate tournaments which are held instead of one FNM during or at the end of the season.

The League-Cup is held during the season and grants the winner a bye for the subsequent Season End Tournament at the end of the same season (in addition to normal prizes which are based on the prize pool gathered from the seperate entry fee for the League-Cup). For the Season End Tournament the top 5 players based on the season standings have free entry! The entries for those players is sponsored by our local game store and will be added to the prize pool for that specific tournament.

Details for the League-Cup: [will follow when available]

Details for the Season End Tournament: [will follow when available]

Decklists are required for both those tournaments! (ALL Decklist Template)

We reserve the right to change details about the A.L.L. if some circumstances demand it.

Organisation of the Austrian Legacy League

Klein Philipp (Founder and supervisor of the A.L.L.)
Hochegger Manuel (Website Administrator)
Klinger Alexander (Programmer of the point system and the standings list)
Pernusch Daniel (Rules Enforcement Level-supervisor)

All members of the organisation team are attainable either through our E-Mail, our Facebook or locally at Friday nights at our local game store.


27.07.2020: Translation of the Information page into english.
21.10.2019: League-Structure changes: One season only per year, tournaments have been changed, Game Play Errors and subsequent remedies have been defined, and times for a round have been fixed.
05.03.2018: Number of used FNMs for the final standings changed from 75% to 2/3.
26.02.2018: Adjusted information for season 2.
21.01.2018: Extented section “Who can participate?”, added links to official rules, added details for the Season End Tournament.
12.11.2017: Added section “Who can participate?”
14.10.2017: Definition of “the best 75 % of FNMs”.
15.09.2017: First version of the League rules published.

Finished Seasons

Status: Season 6 (cancelled mid-season due to Covid19)
Duration: 04.09.2020 until 02.07.2021

Status: Season 5
Duration: 13.09.2019 until 03.07.2020

Status: Season 4
Duration: 08.03.2019 until 27.07.2019

Status: Season 3
Duration: 07.09.2018 until 25.01.2019

Status: Season 2
Duration: 02.03.2018 until 27.07.2018

Status: Season 1
Duration: 15. 09.2017 until 26. 01.2018

Status: Season 0.5 (Testseason without prize pool)
Duration: 07.04.2017 until 28.07.2017

Status: Season 0 (Testseason without prize pool)
Duration: 01.01.2017 until 24.03.2017