Points List Help

Our points list with all its features was created by one of our staff-members, namely Alexander Klinger, a huge THANK YOU to him at this point!


  • Sortable points list per season, always available
  • All results are calculated using offical MTG formulas
  • History of played games, used decks included
  • Player statistics and meta game analysis available
  • Customizable player profiles (will be more detailed in the future)

What can i do with the list?

The following things are possible:

  • See the current meta game
  • Look at player profiles
  • Customize your own profile
  • Send in your played decks (per tournament)

The meta game chart

Just click the “Meta Game” button on top of the list:

You can select the data sources with ctrl-click on top of the list or look at the more detailed text versions on the bottom.

Customize your profile, send in deck lists

A player profile could look like this, of course you can use any language you want, this one is in german:

Here, you can see some custom text, your profile picture (if you uploaded one) and, of course, statistics and your played tournaments.

Through the small link on the bottom called “Request Profile update!“, you can request changes to your details:

Enter all you want changed and press “Request”, one of our staff-members will be notified and publish your changes.

Back to your profile, on the bottom your can see all your match statistics:

If you click on a deck, you will get to this screen:

Here you can, if you want, send in your played deck lists – they will be visible after publishing by one of our staff.

Going on, through the button “Show FNMs” you can take a look at all your played weekly tournaments:

At last, you can also take a look at all your played decks so far:

Deck lists for one-time big events

For our one-time events called “League Cup” and “Seasons’s End Tournament” (see HERE), there is also the possibility to send in deck lists digitally – the links for that will be posted via our WhatsApp group and on our Discord.