Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League3 days ago
This time the boys start the episode of with a small bit of private stuff and by that we mean a whole lot. After that we discuss the current Legacy meta before going over our big topic "PROXIES". We dicuss the pros and cons and the system, we will be using for the ALL Season 7. You can find the show...
Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League1 week ago
Hey guys, finally after a long time a new season is on the horizon!

Here are all details and BIG changes around it:

Season 6 was cancelled due to Covid as we all know and price money from there will go directly into Season 7!

Start: 10. September 2021
End: 01. July 2022

Winter break: 17. December 2021 - 14. January 2022

Planned tournaments: League Cup (Winter 2021), Season End Tournament (Summer 2022)

BIG NEWS: We will be allowing (Reserved List) PROXIES in our tournaments with Season 7!

As WOTC does not allow proxies on official tournaments, our weekly ones will be changed to non-sanctioned with the start of S7.

With the rising prices on many important legacy cards from the Reserved List and to make it easier for new players to enter Legacy, we have decided to allow proxy cards in our tournaments, with some special rules of course:

- Only 12 proxies per player, per deck+sideboard.
- Only our own ALL-proxies are allowed, no player created ones.
- There will be only proxies from our curated proxy list, based only on Reserved List cards.
- Players will be able to borrow them from Game Store for free, some form of "value object" needs to be handed in in exchange though. (drivers license, etc...)
- Player can purchase proxies for a small amount of money, if they want, to support the ALL in general. (this money will go in website hosting costs etc...)

Further infos, example pictures and the proxy list itself will be available shortly here:


More infos will follow soon, hoping to see you all in Season 7! 🙂
Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League5 months ago
Today we stream the Finals of the #ALL Cup with live commentary from the In Response Podcast crew and special guest Callum Smith!

Join us on twitch.tv/austrian_legacy at 20:00 CET